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What our clients are saying

- -Client Testimonials

Here are a few samples of what our clients are saying about H.E.A.T. and the treatments Nichelle provides.


Shoulder Pain

Nichelle is absolutely knowledgeable and is great at explaining what is going on. After our first appointment both myself and my wife know this is what our broken bodies needed!

- Adam Daviau

Shoulder Pain

Today was my first ever appointment with an osteopath and Nichelle was amazing! I now have a better understanding of why I have the pain I do and never thought that an old injury 8 years ago in my hip could be still causing many of my issues! Take the time and go see her!! You are worth it and your body deserves it!! 

- Becky Daviau

Spine and Extremity Chronic Pain

Nichelle is such a talented and informative professional. Anybody can benefit from her services and understand why they would need treatment.
Personally, she has extremely helped me by treating the source of the physical issues I had with spine, hip, shoulders, neck, muscles, nerve, feet, knee pain. Most of which were rectified in one treatment. 
Amazing how your body responds when you get the right treatment. 
I promise, you will not be disappointed!

- Michelle Robillard (Owner of Salon Chez Mimi)

Chronic Knee Pain (2 years post-surgery)

Hello Nichelle, I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort working with me on my knee, and to wish you the best of luck going forward. I have no doubt you will be successful in anything you pursue in your career, as very early on in our sessions I was taken by your poise and professionalism. Of all the student therapists that I saw for my knee, of which you were the fifth, you were the most knowledgeable. Your personality and energy also made sessions enjoyable, even though you pushed me hard and made me sweat! Of all my experiences here at Sheridan, I think my treatments with you will be one of the standout ones. Take care, and thanks again!

- Ramin Daneshvar (Athletic Therapy Student from Sheridan College)


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in May of 2017 but suffered from the condition for years prior to that.  It took everything I had to get out of bed in the morning and make it through the day. My family knew I was struggling but could never understand how much because they could not see this disease.  I tried to find help but many health practitioners would treat a symptom but not the underlying cause.  It was so frustrating that I became depressed with very little hope for a pain free life.  I started seeing Nichelle in November of 2017.  By this time, I had found some treatments that help me to get through the day but lots of these treatments were temporary and lasted just a few days.  After every treatment with Nichelle, I felt like a new person. The benefits would start lasting longer and longer.  By January 2018, the treatments were becoming more of a maintenance treatment.  Now I feel like a have a new life and that I can tackle any chore or activity I want without the fear of my condition taking control of my life.  This was the best investment in my health, giving me the best rewards.  Nichelle is very caring and compassionate.  She explains the reason why the pain is there and what she is doing the get rid of it.  If I can sum it up in a few words, she is my “miracle worker” and she gave me my life back.  Thank You Nichelle! 

- Sandra Lamothe (Accountant- Sudbury)

Neck Pain and Tension

My neck started to bother me almost every head movement for no apparent reason. I’ve tried different treatments and couldn’t find the relief I was looking for until I was recommended that I seek H.E.A.T therapy.

After my first session with Nichelle my eyes were opened as to how much stress I was carrying in my upper body, specifically my shoulders and neck. I became aware of the decreased muscle tension and stress levels immediately.

Nichelle operates in a professional environment. Nichelle plans her therapy sessions with you to ensure your issues are worked on with progressive treatment. Nichelle likes to hear feedback on therapy session for her to make changes where necessary. 

I would definitely recommend H.E.A.T therapy to friends and family as Nichelle takes a genuine concern with your wellbeing. 

Shawn Cormier (New Zealand)

Multiple Shoulder Injuries 

Great results!! Very thorough therapy which is done in a professional manner. Everything is properly explained Highly recommend this place!

- Len Deschamps (Millwright- Sudbury)

Chronic Knee Pain

When I was a varsity athlete at Seneca College, Nichelle was the student athletic therapist assigned to the team. She was extremely detailed in her treatments, ensuring that she took all the necessary time to figure out the cause of my injury and then treat me however worked best. Nichelle is professional and works with 100% integrity all the time! She cares about her athletes and was more than just our athletic therapist she was part of the family! She would always encourage us to book in with her to make sure we were always in tip top shape to perform on and off the court! She is extremely knowledgeable and a perpetual student always looking for new ways to treat her athletes and learn the most she can to help her athletes the best she can! If you are looking for someone to treat you, look no further Nichelle Thomson is the best you can get!

- Taso Balis (Varsity Athlete- Men's Volleyball)

Chronic Shoulder and Hip Pain

During the summer of 2016, while Miss Thomson was an intern with Dr. Bain’s Complete Wellness clinic, I had the opportunity to receive treatments for chronic shoulder and hip pain. 

Her evaluation was absolutely more thorough than any treatment I have over the years, to try to alleviate the pain without going to drugs.  While I don’t know the terminology or have the background to know exactly what she was doing, it really felt like she knew, and was confident, and professional.

The best way I can express my opinion of the treatment I received from Miss Thomson, and the relief I received from her treatment, is to say that I really wish I could have continued treatment with her.  If she were practicing here, I would have absolutely continued to see her, as I know something that has been chronic will require more than just a few sessions.

Since seeing Nichelle, I have found someone who has been an athletic trainer for many years, currently treats high level athletes, and holds these credentials:  ATC, CS, LMT, PYT, ERYT.  I have found Miss Thomson to be absolutely in comparable to, and quite possibly more professional and helpful, as this long practicing professional.  To me that translates to about the highest praise I could give.

- Angela Hargest

Chronic Back and Foot Pain

I have been seeing Nichelle for treatment since she was a student at Sheridan College in the Athletic Therapy program. At that time, I had terrible back pain and I had gone to various professionals, but none had been able to understand the root of my problem. Nichelle took the time to get to know me and her treatments were amazing, the pain is completely gone. After she started school for Manual Osteopathy I contacted her again, this time about a foot problem. She performed a full analysis of my foot, determined the problem, and gave me a series of stretch exercises to help me with my pain. The stretch exercises she has given me are amazing, they have given me more foot mobility and now I have no more foot pain. Nichelle is very professional and capable, I don’t believe there is any problem she can’t find a solution for.

- Beatriz Lima

Chronic Knee Pain

Miracle worker!!! She fixed my knees!!!! Cant thank you enough for not only fixing my knees but taking care of my 10 other injuries i had in between!

‚Äč- Alik Derderian (Varsity Athlete- Women's Baseball)